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2010. A year full of hopes and dreams. That is true. Many dreams come true on 2010. And I believe that a dream is our gravity of our will.

That night was last night on 2009. And this is my story…

December 31, 2009

9 PM - Some of my colleagues are still in the office. Yeah…it’s year end process.

‘Kriiinnnggggg….” The phone is ringing. My colleague from other department calls me that they need more time to do their year end process. “OK”, I said. “Make it fast, would you?” ask me begging. “Yeah…I don’t wanna spent my new year night in office...” other voice answers from my speakerphone.

Actually, I’m not surprised anymore with this condition. It’s my third year end process as accounting staff. One task in one department will related to others. We need patient to wait. We need efficiencies. And of course…we need to take rest…

10 AM - already passed. Far from my desk, all I see is darkness. In this floor, the lamp only spot on IT and my department. We still wait other department finished their task, so we can continue our accounting process. But no one call us yet. I try to sleep. But just like others, these eyes can’t close because we’re still waiting for something important. It’s our responsibility.

11 PM - It’s Hopeless. I try to ignore every SMS that come to my cell phone. New Year greeting, New Year’s party invitation, and some comment from other colleagues due to my job on the New Year’s night. I don’t care no more. Now, it’s only 6 people in this room. Staring on the Sudirman Street. It’s Main Street of Jakarta. And it’s already crowded outside there. Many cars, many people, stuck in traffic jam, they’re going to take their party on the street. Trumpet sounds are up in the air as symbol of happiness. Hope there also something entertains us but this computer and keyboard.

We start to imagine something impossible will exist in this office to fill our emptiness.

“Home theatre…!”

“Yeah…add also with Nintendo wii…!”

“Or maybe…Thai massage…?!”

Hahaha…we might be really need that treatment for tonight. We’re really tired. But some jokes sometimes could make us feel fresh. While working our task, we tell story to each other about our best New Year’s night. Before responsible of this job, of course…

11.50 – I open all windows near by me.

“Treeetttetteeeettttt….dooorrrrr….!!” some fireworks people begin to light this dark sky with fireworks. We are ready to enjoy this night transition year from 2009 to 2010 from 15th floor. Our office is silence, but the crowd outside there is unbelievable.

“10…9…8…7…6…5….4….3….2….1…..treeeetttttt……!!!!” all people play their trumpet together. The dark sky of the night becomes lighter cause of fireworks. Awesome. Beautiful….

From our floor, we just can scream loudly to say “Happy new yearrrr……!!!” For about ten minutes, we really enjoy the fireworks party outside there. Although we realized that we already missed the ‘real’ party. I do miss it. Little party with friends. Warm hug from our family.

1 AM – we still awake to finish our task. Until all tasks are accomplished.

2 AM – finally, we’re out of our office. I try to move my feet. Bedroom is our next destination. All people have been home from their party. It’s already silence. Step by step, I already closed to my boarder-house. In the corner of a street, a group of people is calling me. There are 6 people. Some of them still use their uniform.

I know two of them. A man with black uniform. He lives in the same boarder-house with me. But we rarely talk each other. And another man is Ojek (motorbike transportation) driver. I often use his service to take me to some places.

“Hey, Overtime…, dude?” a man with black uniform greet me.

“Yeah…” I answered him tirely.

“Don’t worry…you’re still not missed the party. Come join us..!” the Ojek driver ask me to stay while he points chickens that are ready to be roasted.

“Yup. We’re all miss the party out there. But we must have spirit of New Year. Right..?” another blue uniformed man give me a bottle of coke.”Happy New Year, dude..”

I take that drink and join them in a little party, “Thanks guys. May God give His bless in this year…”

We might be missed our party. But all dream and hope still could be come true. Balance with our pray and efforts.


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